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Speech Pathology

Comprehensive Psychological (Educational) Assessments

This is a crucial part of understanding your child’s needs, and a thorough assessment results in a clear understanding of your child’s learning profile and indicates which interventions will be the most appropriate.

An assessment is usually conducted over 2 x 2 hour appointments and consists of:

  • an intellectual assessment to establish your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses
  • academic assessments to determine their progress in a range of areas including reading, writing and maths
  • assessment of processing areas which may include listening, visual, organisational and phonological skills
  • behavioural and emotional areas may also be explored to better understand your child’s
    developmental needs

A comprehensive report is prepared that provides a summary of findings and makes a range of recommendations to assist in planning the best way to support your child.

Parents can arrange a follow-up consultation to discuss results and to address any concerns or questions.

Vocational Assessments

Learning Keys offers individualised vocational assessments and counselling. A Learning Keys vocational assessment uses a standardised assessment to review personal preferences and interests. The assessment then provides a range of compatible occupational and career choices. Completed within the framework of a confidential and counselling interview, personal strengths and specific needs and interests can be taken into account when preparing the final report. Personal feedback from an experienced psychologist is provided to refine the career selection process.

A vocational assessment may assist:

  • younger students with scoping career choices and help in subject selection
  • older students who are finding it hard to choose a suitable career or select post school study or training
  • students with specific needs such as specific learning difficulties
  • workers who may wish to explore new career options.

The vocational assessment includes:

  • Initial appointment with an experienced psychologist to discuss options and completion of a standardised vocational assessment
  • Feedback appointment with the psychologist to discuss the results of the assessment and to refine and personalise career options
  • A written report summarising the main findings and list of compatible career choices.

Specialised Vocational Assessment

Sometimes additional information is required to complete the assessment process. This occurs when an individual has specific needs such as a learning difficulty or an older person who may want to explore entering tertiary education. If no prior assessment information is available then further assessment including cognitive and academic assessments maybe required to help inform the process. We understand that each person’s situation is different and we are able to tailor the assessment to suit the requirements of the client. Where a specialised assessment is required the number of appointments and cost of the assessment will vary according to need. If you think you may need one of these specialised assessments please ask our receptionist to speak to one of the Learning Key’s Psychologists.

School Readiness Assessments

School readiness assessments can also be completed to determine whether your preschooler is prepared to take those important first steps into education. These assessments will provide you with a summary of their intellectual ability and information about their abilities in a range of foundational learning areas that have been shown to be important predictors of readiness for school.

Moreover, your child’s needs will be different at different life stages and the wrap around service offered by Learning Keys will result in an opportunity to monitor their ongoing learning needs and to “fine tune” their intervention and support. To achieve this Learning Keys offers regular review assessments at key points in your child’s development.

Assessments can also be offered for adults concerned about their learning needs. Assessments for special provision applications for tertiary institutions can also be conducted.

Contact us to enquire or to book in for an assessment.

Speech Pathology Assessments

Learning Keys Speech Pathologists are qualified to undertake formal and informal assessments for children and adolescents with communication and/or literacy difficulties. Many people assume that a Speech Pathologist’s job is to assess and treat problems with speech clarity or pronunciation; however, communication is considerably more than this. Learning Keys Speech Pathologist can formally or informally investigate children’s skills in a range of areas, including:

  • Speech – clarity / articulation / phonology
  • Language – understanding and use of words and sentences
  • Reading – decoding, reading fluency and comprehension
  • Writing – spelling and written expression, planning and organisation
  • Pre-literacy skills – phonological awareness
  • Auditory processing (Note: Screening assessments only. Assessments for (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder are completed by a Specialist Audiologist.)
  • Reasoning and problem solving
  • Social skills

A comprehensive Speech Pathology assessment is usually conducted over 2 x 1 hour appointments. However, Learning Keys Speech Pathology assessments are tailored to the needs of each individual, and the exact nature of the assessment depends on the specific areas of concern. If a comprehensive assessment is requested, a report is provided with a full description of the child’s communicative strengths and weaknesses, along with recommendations for support, if applicable.

Prior to any testing, a Speech Pathologist will gather all relevant information. This is an essential part of any assessment, as it provides a clear picture of the main concerns for the child, and will allow the Speech Pathologist to most effectively investigate the child’s strengths and successfully pin-point areas of difficulty. At an initial appointment, a Learning Keys Speech Pathologist will collect the following information:

  • developmental and medical history, and other background information
  • parent or caregiver’s main concerns (this may include filling in developmental questionnaires)
  • teacher concerns (with parental permission, teachers may be asked to fill in short a questionnaire)
  • school reports and reports from other professionals (e.g. hearing assessments) if applicable

Our rooms are warm and welcoming, as it is important that children feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible in any assessment or learning situation. Parents can choose to observe the assessment (or make this decision with their child), and in some cases this can help to provide parents with a clearer understanding of their child’s abilities.

Contact us to enquire or to book in for an assessment.

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