The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a music-based auditory stimulation method, carried out at home. It is a safe, effective, drug-free approach to improve brain function, reduce stress and train and develop the auditory skills necessary to effectively listen, learn and communicate. The primary purpose of the Listening Program is to bring the auditory system into balance.

How the auditory system works

The outer ear gathers together sound waves produced by air pressure oscillations (fluctuations) carrying language, music and sounds of the environment. Sound is then pushed through the auditory canal, passing through the eardrum, middle ear, and temporal or auditory bones to reach the inner ear. The inner ear converts the mechanical energy of sound waves into electrochemical messages which are carried along the auditory nerve to the brain. It can then perceive the messages and compare them to previously stored sounds to interpret the information.

Each ear hears by both air and bone conduction, each sending two lots of information to the brain. Hearing is the brain acknowledging the sound has arrived. The brain then has to collate and organise the sounds received.

Anywhere along this auditory pathway, distortions can occur making it difficult for the brain to accurately analyse the sound received. These distortions can adversely impact listening and create auditory processing problems often leading to a host of social, emotional and academic challenges. An event as seemingly benign and treatable as a middle ear infection can cause the brain to permanently misinterpret or distort the perception of sound. These perceptual distortions not only manifest as auditory processing problems but also create stress that is revealed in the voice, energy levels, social skills and self perception. However most auditory processing problems develop without an obvious physical cause.

The main aim of The Listening Program is to provide a method to train or re-train the ear and brain to process sound without distortion or disruption. When sounds are perceived without distortion, the auditory system is in balance, significantly improving reliability of response to all sounds in the environment including speed.

How the Listening Program works

The Listening Program is designed to improve the listener’s processing of sound, significantly beyond the act of hearing. Every individual has a dominant ear for processing sound, even though both ears pick up sound waves and hearing is perfectly normal in both ears. Likewise we all have a dominant eye, hand and foot. Ideally it would seem that for maximum brain function it would be advantageous to be totally right dominant or totally left dominant. Although it may be noted that there are many people who are ambidextrous, that is they are able to use either hand/foot, and function effectively in all areas of life.

The Listening Program is used educationally to re-train the ears to develop and extend auditory processing skills. In addition it enables listeners who have no right and left auditory awareness to establish this skill. It has been shown to bring improvement to reading, spelling and handwriting.

The program is also used for wider applications in the fields of health and musicianship. There have been several case studies conducted on stroke victims, children in the autism spectrum as well as ADHD sufferers. Some examples of other benefits that may occur are improved balance/coordination, better sleeping habits, improved singing voice, greater ease of learning foreign languages and some parents report that their children cease bedwetting while on the program.

The program consists of ten CDs which are listened to over a minimum ten week period. Sometimes listening time is extended for some CDs depending on difficulties experienced. e.g. discs 5 and 6 are particularly important for language and learning. They have to be listened to through high quality headphones using a good quality personal CD player. Listening takes place for five days followed by two days rest. The Program is only available through a trained authorised provider.

The power of sound processing is amazing and the effects of these CDs on one’s whole being have been found to be remarkable. As quoted from an authorised provider: “Having worked with dyslexic children now for over twenty-five years this is the first intervention which has taken a major step forward in the auditory field”. Comments like this are common amongst those who have worked with The Listening Program (TLP).

Please contact us for more information about this program.

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