Spelling - does it matter?

In this age of technology, spell checkers and text speak, does spelling matter any more? Spelling matters a great deal to readers because it’s part of the process of understanding the written word. Being a capable and confident speller means that the writer can concentrate on the content of what he/she wants to say in their writing. Writers want to be able to use any word available to them to express their ideas rather than being restricted to the words they can spell.

English has a reputation for being a hard language to structure and learn. But English spelling is much more organised and regular than it seems at first glance. English spelling is more than 80 percent predictable and many of those words with irregular spellings are words that we use very frequently in our writing.

Despite this, most spelling programs are based on the list handed out on Monday with the test on Friday incorporating the “Look, Cover, Write, Check” method. But memorising lists of spelling simply doesn’t suit many children. Whilst it’s a useful approach to the frequently used words, it’s a huge task for many children to remember thousands of words in this manner.

Given the structure and rules in English, there is a more effective and efficient way to learn how to spell. Our spelling programs at Learning Keys focus on these rules and patterns and ease of application of those rules.

Spelling Programs

* providing a foundation of spelling skills and reading strategies

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