Early Reading Skills

Phonological Awareness is an essential skill in the development of reading. This skill starts to develop in preschool and continues in complexity throughout primary school. Whether a child is just learning to read or in high school their abilities in phonological awareness will influence their reading and spelling performance.

Many people incorrectly think that if phonics is taught, a child will automatically develop their phonological awareness skills. They couldn’t be more wrong. Phonological awareness is the understanding of different ways that speech can be divided into smaller parts and manipulated. No knowledge of phonics is required for phonological activities. This skill is entirely auditory, corresponding to the articulation of speech. It includes an understanding of rhyme, alliteration and the way words can be broken down into syllables. The highest level of this skill is phonemic awareness when we understand that speech is made up of individual sound or phonemes.

Phonics is an auditory and visual method that teaches the relationship between letters or groups of letters and their pronunciations in our alphabet system. A good grasp of phonological awareness is necessary for phonics and reading strategies to be successful.

A lack of phonological awareness skills is directly correlated to reduced reading ability. Teaching phonological awareness benefits most children but is crucial for many with dyslexia or learning difficulties. The great point here is that phonological awareness skills can be taught to anyone from 4 years of age to adult. At Learning Keys we provide an all-round approach targeting phonological awareness, phonics, sight words, tracking and other early reading skills.

Auditory programs such as The Listening Program and Earobics which have proven benefits as well as individual or group teaching are available through Learning Keys.

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