Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for helping children, adolescents, and adults sustainably improve attention by training their working memory.

The program is based on strong scientific research and it is done in the convenience of your own home under the supervision of a qualified Cogmed Coach.

The complete program includes:

  • Initial interview
  • Start-up session
  • Five weeks of training with weekly coach calls
  • Wrap-up meeting
  • Six month follow-up interview
  • Access to the Cogmed Training Web
  • Cogmed Extension Training (12 months).

Cogmed is computer-based training, using a PC at home. No need for office visits after the initial interview. The software adjusts complexity level for each exercise, in real time, for maximised training effect. The 25 training sessions of 30-40 minutes each, are done over 5 weeks. These are supported by a Cogmed Coach who leads the training, tracks results, and gives support and motivation.

Cogmed Training Web gives all users online access to their own training results and progress status. Additionally, Cogmed Extension Training allows the user to further sharpen the acquired capacity and to verify how the results hold over time.

Cogmed Working Memory Training is built around three easy-to-use and age-specific software applications:

  • Cogmed JM – Pre-school. Younger children use their working memory for a number of things, such as focusing on and following instructions, and remaining seated to complete independent activities
  • Cogmed RM – School age. Working memory is crucial for children and adolescents in school and socially. Reading, solving math problems, planning, and following a conversation all rely on working memory
  • Cogmed QM – Adult. Working memory in adult and professional life is critical for challenges such as planning, focusing, resisting distraction, and meeting deadlines.

Cogmed Working Memory Training


Studies consistently show that most people with attention deficits have a working memory deficit. That holds true for attention problems due to ADHD, traumatic brain injury, normal aging, or general deficits from working memory overload; it is also true for milder concentration problems.

Research also shows that deficits in working memory are related to poor academic or professional performance. Conversely, strong working memory capacity is closely correlated with fluid intelligence.

A substantial and growing body of work documents the efficacy of Cogmed Working Memory Training. Most notably, Klingberg's 2005 study on school age children with ADHD showed it to be effective in a placebo- controlled, multi-centre trial.

There were statistically and clinically significant treatment effects on non-trained measures of working memory, response inhibition and complex reasoning. Substantial and lasting reduction of attention problems following training-induced working memory improvements is a research breakthrough.

Leading American and European research teams have now replicated the research using Cogmed products and protocol. They have presented results at several research conferences. For the latest results and research posters, visit

Benefits of Cogmed

Working memory is critical for focusing, appropriately shutting out distractions, and for complex thinking. Improved working memory capacity generalises to improved attention, and impulse control. 8 of 10 users who complete training show measurable effects.

Children - Research shows improved grades following Cogmed training and parents and teachers also report improved social skills, taking initiative, remembering instructions, and completing assignments more independently. The objective is better academic results, particularly in reading comprehension and math.

Adults - By training your working memory, you will be better able to stay focused, ignore distractions, plan next steps, remember instructions, and start and finish tasks. The objective is better professional performance and attentional stamina.

Learning Keys is the first company to be a certified coach and provider of Cogmed Working Memory Training in South Australia.

Certified provider of Cogmed Working Memory Training

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