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Nessy Fingers

Nessy Fingers is a typing tutor with a difference. >The first thing you notice about Nessy Fingers is how different learning to type is from other typing programs. Nessy Fingers uses the alphabet to teach keyboard skills unlike other typing tutors that start with the 'home row'.

In five short lessons you will learn the alphabet. To improve your typing skills there are several exciting games available which use curriculum word lists to practise with. To encourage typing there is a 'Hall of Fame' where you can win trophies as a reward for accurate typing.

Nessy Fingers teaches the 3 skills needed to touch type:

  1. Memorise key positions – lessons encourage correct finger placement and posture
  2. Accuracy – Perfect Typing unlocks secret rewards
  3. Speed – Practice develops speed. Motivate practice with 9 great games and 21 trophies.
nessy fingers

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Scientifically based, clinically proven techniques in Earobics will give you a powerful tool for helping your child become a better listener and learner. Clinical trials have shown that using Earobics 3-4 times a week can lead to increased attention span, improved listening skills and enhanced awareness of the sounds of language. With these skills children become more successful and confident in reading, speaking and spelling and their overall academic achievement improves.

Earobics carefully monitors each student’s progress. The software automatically increases or decreases the level of difficulty for an activity, so a student is always working at the level appropriate to his or her needs.

Earobics assists in developing phonological awareness for the following skills:

  • Rhyming
  • Phoneme identification
  • Blending
  • Segmentation
  • Phoneme Manipulation

Earobics 1 Earobics 2

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Talk, Listen and Learn

One of the greatest skills children learn is how to talk and communicate. The development of speech and language provides a foundation for other skills, including how to listen, solve problems, read and write, as well as to speak and socialise with others. Talk, Listen and Learn equips parents with clear and practical information on a range of topics:

  • The essentials of speech, language and literacy development
  • Fun ways to enhance development at home including the use of toys and music
  • How to help your child through using computers and television
  • Language development in multiple birth and multilingual children
  • How to identify children with speech, language and literacy problems
  • Suggested ways to tackle a range of speech and language problems at home.
Talk, Listen and Learn

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The Spellchecker is a great tool for kids (and parents) who have trouble with spelling and want something that is easy to access and also corrects phonetic spelling. It includes content from the Collins English Dictionary of Spelling and Hyphenation and provides phonetic spelling correction for over 180,000 words.
  • Phonetic Spell Correction: Type "nolij" and find "knowledge".
  • Confusables: Words such as homonyms and spelling variants that are often confused. e.g. here or hear.
  • Word Builder: enter up to 12 letters and it will return as many possible solutions (starting with the longest word first) ranging from 12 letters to 3, great for all kinds of popular word games.
  • Crossword Solver: Enter ? to find missing letters to help with crosswords.
  • Anagram Solver: Turn a series of letters into a word.
  • 6 Games - Anagrams, Hangman, Word Train, Word Blaster, Word Deduction, Spelling Bee
  • Calculator
  • Metric and currency converter: Metric, Imperial and Currency Converters.
spell checker

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